Make your own Snuffle Mat


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Make your own snuffle mat with these brand new kits.

Each kit contains a mat and your choice of pre-cut fleece fabric (orange, teal, lime green, purple or red) and instructions.

What is a snuffle mat:

A snuffle mat is an enrichment toy for pets that like to use their noses. Fleece is tied onto a mat with the folds of the fabric making a great hiding place for treats. Hide 3-4 tasty treats in the folds – start off with high-value treats and encourage your pet to sniff them out.

When the mat gets dirty you can machine wash it: wash at 30-degree, place at the back of the drum, and place towels or other items in front.

Always supervise your pet when using this toy. If your pet is chewing the fabric take the toy away and re-introduce later. if a piece of fabric becomes too frayed just untie it from the mat.

Finished size 11in x 12.5in or 28cm x 31.8cm

Please note the colours may vary in real life depending on your screen settings.


Red, Orange, Lime Green, Purple, Teal, Red and Orange, Red and Lime Green, Red and Purple, Red and Teal, Orange and Lime Green, Orange and Purple, Orange and Teal, Lime Green and Purple, Lime Green and Teal, Purple and Teal, Red, Orange and Lime Green, Neon Pink and Neon Orange


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